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Medsential Donating Clear Face Shields to Support Utah Schools Reopening During Covid

Utah-based Medsential provides FDA-grade protective equipment to special education leaders.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2020 /

With thousands of Utah children returning to school in August, Utah-based Medsential felt a critical need to support educators and students to safely return to school. Medsential decided to donate clear face shields, specifically for cases where face masks would impair children from learning. "We know our school leaders are working hard to ensure safe school reopenings," said Doris Hui, CEO of Medsential. "Our company manufactures and has access to high grade FDA-approved PPE and we know school systems are in particular need right now."

Medsential distributes medical products throughout the U.S. and internationally. Medsential offers personal protection equipment (clear face shields, face masks, protective suits) that are FDA-listed and tested for efficacy. Medsential also offers COVID-19 IgM/IgG rapid antibody tests available to laboratories. Medsential is an FDA-registered medical device company and its Covid-19 antibody test provides results in 15 minutes on-the-spot with a simple finger stick. Their COVID-19 test is widely used internationally and has CE certification in the EU. Medsential's antibody test does not require any other external reading device.

"We are so appreciative of the business community in Utah who are stepping up to help our schools," said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson. "Education equity is a top priority for the Utah State Board of Education. These shields help us meet our goal of providing learning for each student, even during a pandemic, by providing these shields for speech language pathologists, American Sign Language instructors, etc. who need to have their faces visible to support student needs."

Medsential's clear face shields are configured with extended length, and thicker foam padding on the forehead to allow for wearing glasses and less fogging. This provides added protection to and added comfort for educators and students than standard face shields.

Laura deShazo, Murray High School Associate Vice Principal said, "In our school system, I personally work with several students who are hearing impaired. These clear face shields will remove a critical barrier to students learning. Students will be able to see their teachers' faces and read lips and expressions so that they can learn and succeed."

In addition to the Utah State Office of Education, Medsential has reached out to several vulnerable communities with donation of clear face shields. "Whitehorse High School greatly appreciates the donation of face shields that will be used to provide an added layer of safety so that our Special Education teachers can interact with, tutor, and better support our scholars." said Kim Schaefer, Whitehorse High School Principal.

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Medsential LLC is a U.S. company that develops, manufactures, and distributes a broad range of medical products to customers. Established in 2005, Medsential is an ISO certified medical device company with the capabilities to develop, manufacture and assemble a broad range of products. Medsential has an extensive distribution channel, sales force, engineering platform, and production team to bring quality products to global markets. We also work with partner companies to provide clinical trial tests, distribution, manufacturing, and assembly. Medsential has manufacturing and distribution operations in the U.S., China and Japan.



SOURCE: Medsential LLC


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