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The Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit detects antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2.

Not widely available in the United States, this test will indicate recent and past infections to Covid-19.

This kind of information is powerful and can be a game changer in fighting this virus and reopening the economy.

15 minute results make this new rapid test a vital tool in the fight against Covid-19.

Transcription of video:

"A Utah physician is standing behind an international test. It could whether a person has had Covid-19 and is now immune. Fox13's Hailey Higgins show us the test not widely available in the US. It's a story you will only see here."

Hailey Higgins: "Well a prick of a finger and a simple blood test could determine if someone had Covid-19 and didn't know it. A Utah doctor says that information could be very helpful for both the economy and health systems during this pandemic. In February, Dr. Ray Firszt got really sick while traveling to Colorado."

Ray Firszt: "I was stuck in a hotel for 2 days, didn't get outside. It was pretty miserable."

Hailey Higgins: "It happened weeks before Covid-19 spread widely across the US but he still had doubts."

Ray Firszt: "I got to thinking, 'Well, what if I had coronavirus back in February. How would I know that?'"

Hailey Higgins: "Thursday night the Tanner Clinic immunologist took this test to see if his immune system made antibodies while fighting Covid-19."

Ray Firszt: "Because this virus is unique, we've never had these antibodies before, and so their presence identifies that we've been exposed to the virus."

Hailey Higgins: "The science behind the test can identify hepatitis, influenza, and measles. While used internationally, an antibody test has yet to be administered widely for Covid-19."

Ray Firszt: "If we're going to utilize this to help us strategize how to get people back into society, I'd say it's a game changer."

Hailey Higgins: "The test acts much like a pregnancy test. Two lines mean Covid-19 antibodies were found and therefore the person is immune."

Ray Firszt: "I think that type of information is powerful."

Hailey Higgins: "Dr. Firszt's test came back negative. And he remains at risk in getting Covid-19. But for someone who isn't..."

Ray Firszt: "Can we allow these people to potentially go out into the economy, go work, go out to the grocery stores? Maybe open up the restaurants? And so that other people can feel comfortable around them knowing that they are immune and can't pass on the virus."

Hailey Higgins: "Dr. Firszt says the nasal Covid-19 test is still critically important for people who are experiencing the disease. But if you are interested in the antibody test talk to your doctor. "


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